About Us

32331_10151102325726709_1327833755_nYellaFella Entertainment was founded in 2011 by actor/writer/director Lelund Durond Thompson.  Our mission is to tell universal stories that heal through music, theater, film and photography. YellaFella represents faith and hope.  YellaFella represents love for people. YellaFella represents love for people’s creativity, YellaFella represents the steps toward healing and positive change that we all desire.

YellaFella is currently producing a number of diverse projects.  Tshidi Manye (currently starring as “Rafiki” in Broadway’s The Lion King) has recently begun the YellaFella Concert Series where she invites her audiences on a journey of self-exploration and emotional healing through song.  We’re also currently developing The Doll Confessions, a new play fused with music and dance which examines the effects of childhood traumas as seen through the eyes of the dolls who have witnessed them.  The Doll Confessions is directed by Tony Award winner Trezana Beverly.

banner (2)We at YellaFella look forward to working with like-minded artists who share our goals of creating art that heals, inspires, and effects positive change. We appreciate your support as we continue to give back what has so graciously been given to us.